Friday, June 02, 2006

Crazy over Japanese Food

I've never like Japanese food simply because I've never tasted them and I know that I don't like sushi or simply known as the whole set of 'maki'... Then one day since I've nothing better to try out, I decided to walk into this restaurant in Krystal Point, Kampung Jawa....

First impression is very important. The restaurant is very clean and everything is well arranged.

Very unique pair of chopsticks and also icy cold towels.... It's the first time I stepped my foot into a Japanese restaurant... when I opened the menu my eyes nearly popped out! The price for teppanyaki is just too high.... that's to my opinion but looks like time is changing fast.... nowadays nobody will complain eventhough a bowl of noodle costs RM5... what not teppanyaki with a few slices of fish, squid and prawn which cost at least RM45... everybody is enjoying themselves with the delicious dishes served..

I don't know how you call this dish... a welcoming dish or to warm up your mouth while waiting for the main dish to come. That was a wonderful small dish of radish which tasted both sweet and salty, covering the bitterness... very well done!

That platter of fried squid with the Japanese brewed soy sauce was just superb. I have never tasted anything so mouth-watering before. Dip with butter or was that mayonnaise.. Damn! I can't remember. I just wanted to have more of the squid but cholesterol very high. The strips of cabbage tasted wonderful as well with that special sauce. I will not complain about the price if they charged me RM100 for that squid I'll keep my mouth shut and pay them.

WooooHHHOOOOOooo!!!! A whole plate of deep-fried seafood. There were huge prawns, fish fillet, crab meat sticks and even slices of deep-fried cucumbers... eh! Since when cucumbers are classified under seafood... Never mind as long as I have big prawns to eat, add a few slices of cucumbers should be okay. OoohhhH! That bowl of soy sauce tasted so delicious. It's not too salty and I can even drink it until it's dry. Jakun! I really salute the Japanese, they can have such small plates of everything yet they can be full. If really Japanese in Japan have such small servings I think I won't be working instead I'll be eating my hearts out or even better I might even eat until my pockets are empty... then wash dishes for the restaurant. Hahaha! Soba Yoshi, you're in my list of great dishes and I'm recommending it to every Japanese food lover!


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