Thursday, June 29, 2006

What Pissed Me Off!

I can't stand those who can't keep to appointments. Who do they think they are? Just because they are big bosses sitting on the big fat chairs, they can humiliate and even pretend that sales person are actually invisible!

The thing is I'm not even selling anything! Fucking idiot! If can't keep to appointments then don't make appointments... like being forced to make it. AARRGGHHH!!! I HATE THEM! Either keep to appointments or can just rudely say, "Go away! I don't have the time to meet the ikan bilis! I only deal with big shots!"

AARRRGHHH!! Even my upline can't keep to his appointment. I wonder whether these people go to school last time and learn about the value of being truthful and keeping to their on words. So far, right until this very moment, the ratio of truthful people to untruthful people is 50:1. Damn all of you who are like that!

Or should I correct myself by saying that, "This is life! Nobody will keep to their words, so what's the big deal?"

Maybe I the one left who really try to be punctual all the time and keep to my words! Stupid me! Vulgarities are at the binge of my lips! I feel like breaking people's necks right now! Burn their tongue for talking for the sake of talking only. Big shots feel that they are too big and too busy to meet anybody. Why not try to flash back to their own life a decade or two ago? I believe that mostly started from a humble beginning. Many started from scratch to build their empires. But why after being successful, this is how they treat people. Maybe that's the treatment they got last time.

Okay.. I'm not that angry anymore. So look at a more positive angle. I get to learn about people's behaviour and I don't have to study that in university. I get first hand training on how to deal with people. I can gladly announce that I'm a graduate from University of Hard Knocks in finance management, business management, mass communication and human behaviour.

Eh, nobody attends my convocation. Ooppss! Haven't finish studying.. Ish!! Have to study until I decided to stop! I just hope that I won't turn out to be like them when I consider myself successful....

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aL said...

ahh..i feel what u're feeling. i farking hate ppl who're not punctual for their appointments.