Saturday, November 29, 2008

What Am I Up To These Days...

Looks like the shopping malls are under my attack... again... For instance Queensbay Mall and Gurney Plaza. What do I do there? If not window shopping, I'll be splurging... therefore, usually when I go out shopping, I bring neither cash nor credit... bring just nice for food, movie and parking to avoid spending unnecessarily.I am the loyal customer of Scholl for their sandals are so soft and comfortable, but I realised that the quality was not as good as advertised... can't last long but still very friendly to my soles. I can 'exercise' walking for hours wearing Scholl sandals. Recently, I am contemplating changing to NYC.. equally as comfortable but not as expensive. As long as I am comfortable wearing them it should be ok. Heels... hmmm... Crocodile and Larrie?? Sembonia? Nah... I'm not into heels..before I walk a step I will end up in hospital with broken ankles.. both ankles in fact.
I'm not really into bags but now I'm actually aiming at the red Polo bag coz' the rest of the bags are just too pricey.. if given a choice, I will leave the house empty-handed. If I bring a handbag out, I may forget whether do I actually carry a bag out, or I misplace it somewhere or it has just gone missing. So better not carry a bag... but due to too many things to carry out, I have no choice but to carry a bag.. I wonder how come guys do not have to carry a bag yet they can chuck their things in their jeans pockets yet don't look bulky..
Ahh... Triumph & Sloggi.. my all-time favourites... will never change to other brands. Valisere is just too expensive.
I LOVE CLOTHES! Which gal doesn't love clothes especially when you have the privilege to buy without looking at the price tag... but I do look at the price tag because I don't believe in buying a plain shirt at RM299.. just looks silly buying such an expensive shirt. It's just A SHIRT. Wear it to cover your body. On the other hand, I am crazy over Hush Puppies, Crocodile for Women (only in KL), the MOD House in Gurney, MNA which sell beautiful dresses, Dolly, Voir, La Vita from Taiwan and Korea, Cape Cod by Metrojaya, Padini, PDI and World of Cartoons. That... I couldn't stop myself.
New Zealand ice-cream in Queensbay is a dessert that I have quite often. I am much in love with chocolate... Haagen Dazs is something which I indulge in once in a blue moon... very smooth and creamy, I must say..
Ok.. now this is scary... I am spending a lot of time looking at the white gold, diamonds and gem stones. I see, I touch and I BUY! WHOoopppsss!! WOW! I love this feeling... I am a member of Goldheart and the sister company Aurora Jewelry (selling Platim- Platinum Sterling), Wah Chan and Lorenzo Diamonds... next stop will be Poh Kong and Diamond & Platinum..

Those are the few things that I enjoy touching, trying and in the end buying... which is not such a good habit... I blame it on the school holidays... Without the holidays I will not have the time to go, with the school holidays, I have so much time to kill... hehehe.. I love my life and nothing can change that, except God himself....

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