Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wacoals' Salute Fashion Show...


Dedicated to women with discerning taste, Wacoal Malaysia had a launch for the sophisticated Salute lingerie line at a party held at Parkson Gurney Plaza on 23rd November 2012.

Having been established for over eight years in Malaysia as a trusted maker of the choicest, quality undergarments, Wacoal pays tribute to femme exuberance by introducing the European flair lingerie line aptly named Salute (which literally means 'a gesture of respect or polite recognition') to Malaysian women.

To channel a stately panache into the collection, Wacoal employed lace - a material which originated in the West - and partnered with avant-garde lace designers to weave a modern twist into the textile that has been held dear for centuries. The revived laces spun out from this exclusive collaboration include romantic designs that call to mind the labyrinth of Versailles and the blossoms in Kew Gardens.

Opulent, flamboyant and luscious, Salute delves deep into the sensuous realm of femininity and accentuates the enduring and ostentatious beauty of laces. Offering interplays with plush fabrics, each intricately designed Salute innerwear is a manifestation of artistry reflective of Wacoal's decades of expertise in producing credible and well-loved intimate apparels. 

Punctuated by ornate and dazzling accessories resembling that of royalty, the Salute line of lingerie is an exceptional luxurious indulgence for a sophisticated lady. 

"Ladies in Asia are becoming more and more refined and cosmopolitan," said Mr Vincent Leong, the Director/General Manager of Wacoal Malaysia. "With Wacoal's advanced and specialised Human Science Research Center in place, Salute fulfills Malaysian women's desire for Western-feel lingerie, tailored perfectly to suit Asian ladies' frames," he added, reinforcing Wacoal's core belief: "To contribute to women."

The latest Salute collection is now available at Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC and Parkson Gurney Plaza.

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