Friday, April 05, 2013

Child Pregnancy...

Hah~! What are you thinking now? If it one of my girls getting pregnant at this age, I'll skin them alive. So, definitely not from my brood. But this girl, got pregnant without any of us knowing until the babies popped out.
Waiting to hear about a real child pregnancy? Nah... no such case from my side here... get it from somewhere else... I'm talking about my lion-head furball Annabelle, the one with the blue eyes. She's only 3 months old... The kittens just popped out on Saturday morning. A young of a rabbit is known as a kitten. Kinda surprising to know that so many don't even know that. Or should I say it's not surprising as none of us has learn about it in school. Can't find any of it written in the English books.
 Annabelle refused to nurse them. Didn't even wanna go near her kittens. There were four but one was a still-born. Annabelle was jumping up and down as if nothing happened, and she stomped on them... *ouch* Mi mama said we were cruel to let a 3-month old to mate. And mi mama said no more child pregnancy so no more kittens for now... there's still another red-eye, Isabelle... and another black one, Panda... hohoho~! 

If those 3 kittens were to be alive and survived, they would look really really cute.... what a pity~!

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