Monday, June 02, 2014

Day 2: Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park

~ 15th March 2014, Saturday ~
It was our second day in Hong Kong. Waking up in a different place and having a big bowl of instant noodle for breakfast before we took off. I'm not the fussy type when I'm on a holiday. Anything goes as long as I can save time. I can go without meals just to make full use of the time but nowadays I need my basic three meals or else I will be biting off people's head.

We took a walk, crossing a street or two for a morning walk. I did not know where my guide was gonna take me... until I saw the map of the place. Thank God for English words or I would not be bothered about my own whereabouts.
Sun Yat Sen....
So that's Mr. Sun Yat Sen, standing tall in the middle of the park. I have not read much about him so I would not say anything about him lest I state the wrong historical facts. Go Google about him if you are interested. 
Where to?
The park is seriously very big. Everything out of Malaysia seems to be extremely big. Again, I was just a village girl entering into a big city. If I'm staying there for good, I will go to the park every morning and have my jog there. The coolness of the morning was just awesome. I needed a jacket to keep myself from shivering. But, let's be honest, if I'm staying there, and with such chilly morning, I would choose to stay under the comforter and never get up unless I have to go to work.
Some morning activities in action....
There were so many hardworking people, or are they just health freaks? Good exercise early in the morning. There were people walking their dogs, some were dancing away with their portable radios blaring away, a mix match of unmatched songs, playing badminton without the badminton court. The only huge difference between the park in Hong Kong and mainland China is you won't be seeing grandmothers pushing baby strollers in the park. You can only see that in mainland China. Seriously too many babies in China.
Some school activities taking place...
They must be from international school? Westerners having their morning fitness activities at the park. Actually I was doing a brisk walking around the park. Just walking around with my camera. No sweat. I don't intend to sweat. 
The beautiful park...
The middle of the park was really beautiful. I'm attracted to anything pink or red or even yellow. I'm attracted to bright colours. Fancy having a park in one corner of the map and then the rest of Hong Kong is just a jungle of tall buildings. If the grass is not wet, trust me, I would have roll myself on the grass. Erm.... so what is it that I'm suppose to see here? I have no idea. I just know that it's a beautiful park and I need to go off after 30 minutes of washing my eyes admiring nature amidst the towering concrete jungle.  
Going off to the next destination...
Let's go. My day 2 just started. It's still a long day. It has yet to start. And you have 28 days to follow me as well. It's a good thing that I've seen Sun Yat Sen's Memorial Park because our plan to go to Sun Yat Sen's Museum in Taipei was cancelled by us because we were too tired in Taiwan. 

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