Saturday, September 12, 2015

Day 11: Eluanbi Park

~24th March 2014~
From the entrance, it was a long uphill walk to the lighthouse. The lighthouse is the centre of attraction so we took lots of photos with the lighthouse. Oh, you need to pay for the entrance fee but it was quite cheap. Spend an hour or two walking around. I told ya we were slow pokes when I have my camera with me. Just to take photos with this lighthouse, we spent at least 15 to 30 minutes.
From the lighthouse it would be a downhill walk into the woods. There was this Seahorse Trail for you to enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean. Please don't be too excited and jump down from the trail. If everyone starts to do so, the place would be in total chaos. Kindly abide by the park rules and please do not litter. You should not even eat when you're walking around the park.
We sat at the trail to enjoy the waves. The waves were not pounding hard as it was quite a low tide. I like that wave rolling in. It was a joy to look at. Yeah, going for holidays it's not all about food and shopping. Shopping is never in my list wherever I go. Food... it depends. But scenery, yes... culture, yes.... so you see I do enjoy looking at rock formation.
We saw this little birdy flew into bushes and we followed it. Then, we found its nest. Hey~! That's one cosy nest you have, shielded from the scorching sun and the blowing wind.
There's this part called the Prehistoric Village. I was expecting dinosaur bones or something else but we only found tables and chairs from Flinstones era... wasn't that during Paleolithic time zone?
We found the kissing rocks. There were so close... so close... another millimetre and they would have touched each other. Yeah, see how much imagination I can have for rocks but the name Kissing Rocks do not come from me. It's already there on the map.
I'm not very sure which section I was at. Should be the Twisted Banyan walk... not sure... just walk on. We were just hoping our driver would not faint waiting for us. We took such a long time if there's a Mario game to play, I would have finish the whole game.
Shadow Valley?? Or still at the Twisted Banyan? Geez.... I don't know...
That's the Narrow Gorge... I can enter, you can enter... but if I'm trap there, it would be unpleasant.
We found this Mysterious Cave... now... where's the hidden treasure? Okay, not much to say but it's quite a nice place to explore if only we have more time. Yeah, I can spend the whole day in one place.
That's the only major attraction. If you have a time limit given by your tour guide, then you just need to take many photos of the lighthouse and you can go off. You will not have enough time to walk the whole place. We finished the whole place and we got lost in between as well. When you have so much time in hand, you can afford to get lost. In my travels, I give allowance for us to get lost... hehehhee.... it's really important okay... and I give allowance for us to detour and allowance to explore uncharted ground.
That's all of Eluanbi Park. Get there to experience more if you light sunshine and blue ocean. 

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