Saturday, December 26, 2015

2015: My Year in Review...

It seems like I have forgotten how to write a blog properly. I have been writing about my trip from last year which can't seem to end. Last week, Facebook popped out 'Your Year in Review' and I thought of writing down my year in review. I know about my year better than Facebook. I've been thinking maybe I should write my year in review according to the month.

My birthday~! I have four celebrations this year with my family and my friends. It finally dawn upon me that I no longer have the stamina for buffet. And there's nothing to shout about regarding the food served. It's just the ambience and how the table and serving platters have been decorated. I'm still waiting for Gracie and my cousin, Juju to cook for me on my birthday.

It's Chinese New Year in an altogether different style. I finally break the tradition of having to drive to another state. This year it's in Penang itself and it will be like this forever~! I like it this way! And hubby got to meet up with his friends from high school and mi casa became the place for meeting up and having chats, catching up with each other and I don't mind cooking up a storm to serve everyone.

I love you Babitto....

My saddest day was in March. Out of so many rabbits, my favourite is my Babitto. I have been busy with classes and when I got home, I did not even cuddle or pat Babitto, I just wanted to lie on the couch and watch my drama and when the hubby went to check on them before going to bed, Babitto slept and never wake up. I felt so terrible for not spending enough time with him. I tell myself not to get too attach with the rest of the rabbits. Or I will have to prepare for my heart to break several more times over. I don't know why I love Babitto so much. He's just so handsome. 

I was still numb from Babitto's death when hubby gave me another blow. The tree decided to crash onto the car. It was one messy sight with glass all over inside the car. I have no eyes to see. I actually planned to cycle to work everyday but I've never cycle out of the housing area before. In the end, we have to make do with only two cars that are still running.

I have no idea what I was busy with in May. Probably cooking more dishes and carrying out a mundane life. I finally figure out which toilet roll to get that is the cheapest. Well, you don't need to get those with colour-scented-floral designs to wipe shit from your ass.


Totally no idea what I was busy with. The entire 30 days from the month of June felt like they have been deleted without a trace. I only remember eating, sleeping, shit-ing and working.

We made a trip to Kuala Lumpur for Paul Ang's conference. My Pakistani friends flew in for the conference and stayed at our place for a visit in Penang. They're great cook but that's not their profession. They have good jobs back in Pakistan but I guess, if you choose to stay in my house, you'll have to slave in my kitchen at least once.

Many things happened in August. Thumper died. It was one heart-wrenching death. He waited until I got home, felt my touch and then left in a very painful way. If all these while you think that rabbits are not as smart as dogs, then you got it wrongly. They're equally as smart and I can tell you that some animals are smarter than humans. Thumper could not breathe because he was suffering from bronchitis. The vets in this island have no experience with rabbits. What have they been studying?? 
My piano exam for Grade 7 was in the third week of August. I just started browsing through the scales and arpeggios book at the end of July. I thought that if I could hit all the right notes I should be okay. My sister came back for a visit with her son. My sister will never change. She only has hurting words to part from her mouth. She said my playing was worse than her students'. To slap a distinction in her face, I cancelled some of my classes and I stopped cooking for anyone, at times I only had bananas for breakfast, lunch and dinner as there's no time to eat or cook, I was on the piano for more than 8 hours everyday. And yeah, I got the distinction, right on the mark. Just nice. But I no longer feel like plastering my sister's face with the distinction. I did it for myself. To prove that I can achieve anything I want. Actually I should thank my sister for her poisonous tongue. One more grade to go....

My holiday trip was coming. I have to tell myself, programmed my mind that I have to drive long hours for this trip. I wanted a lazy trip where others drive me around but in the end, I have to do it for everyone's sake. It took me two months to tell myself I have to drive to Warrnambool for 3 hours plus, but I forgot to tell myself I have to drive back as well. The longest I have ever driver was 5 hours. Living in an island, I have no reason to spend so much time on the road. Anyway. the holiday plan has yet to be hatched out at this point of time. Yeah, I'm a last minute person, a procrastinator. 

Preparing the students for major examinations. All my free time was used in the preparation for the coming trip. 

I stopped work for a month and mi madre and I flew to Australia. We were in Melbourne, Tasmania, Sydney and Gold Coast. Out of the 22 days of such wonderful holiday that no one will ever forget, I seemed to have forgotten everything in less than a month. The only thing that I remembered was that I rammed straight into a pademelon and had a temporary mental and emotional breakdown while driving in Tasmania. That's the only clear image that I have until now of the Australia trip.

Started work while having friends from the Philippines out for a visit. Of course the pastor from the Philippines has to slave in my kitchen as he's staying at my place. After making a round-island tour two days in a row, my dream of becoming a tour guide dissipated. I'm cut out to be a holiday-planner and holiday-maker but not a tour guide. It's just so boring bringing people to the same place over and over again.
I'm going to miss you... will never have the chance to kiss that brown nose of yours...

A few days before Christmas, something awful happened. Loki died suddenly. Loki is a unique husky living in America. Part of my plan to visit America is to visit Loki. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but if I can plan to visit other countries just to admire the rock formation, what is so wrong about flying to America to visit a dog? So, my heart got broken another round with the death of Loki. 

I'm not going to go to any crowded place for New Year countdown. I dislike crowded area. Few more days before 2015 bow out, my days will still be the same. Goodbye, 2015. I'm not looking forward to 2016 because I'll grow another year older. I feel so old... ancient... I want to stay forever 15...

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