Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Achievements Unlocked~!

In less than two months after we came back from our 3 weeks trip in Australia, we packed our luggage as light as possible to fly to China.
Mi madre and I decided to travel very light. We got lazy dragging huge luggage across airports. So, we got ourselves one cabin bag each and threw in a few pieces of clothing and we were good to go. It was going to be winter so we had our boots and winter wear ready. We went to my travel buddy's house where her mom was waiting for us. It's my third time in Shenzhen so I don't need to recognize the Chinese words, I know how to go home.
I have always wanted to be away on my birthday and Chinese New Year. I'm not able to cancel my classes on my birthday because it will be difficult to explain to the parents. But now, I've booked a flight and I'm going no matter what. I was suppose to celebrate my birthday with Pinky but she couldn't make it on time. So, I went ahead with my plans and I got a huge red packet from her mom. It's my first time receiving a thousand yuan in one red packet.
I had my international driving license with me. It's really scary to drive in China but I did that too. Drove halfway from Shunde to Shaoguan. In total it was a 3 hours plus drive along the highway which looked like a night market has taken place. The highway was strewn with rubbish of sorts. Then I did another drive from home in Shenzhen all the way to Baishuizhai, north of Guangdong. The drive was smooth at first thus, it was suppose to be a 2.5 hours drive but in the end, we were caught in a stand-still for almost an hour. It was a good experience to see and know that being Chinese, you can do whatever you want on the road. Since the vehicles couldn't turn into the junction, they just parked their car in the middle of the road.

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