Saturday, February 27, 2016

Day 14: Go-Walk Minsu, Jiufen...

~ 27th March 2014 ~
It took me a long time to figure out the name of the minsu we stayed in Jiufen. I would like to congratulate the logo designer for doing an excellent job. It's a simple yet complicated logo with the actual meaning highlighted in the few English alphabets, the picture of the rising sun to the appearance of the crescent, blending in with the Chinese characters which carries no meaning to my understanding. In the end, I managed to figure out the name of the place. It's Go-Walk. That's why we had a horrid walk from 7-11 right to the top. But I still do not like the young chap manning the counter, even if he's the owner or just a part-timer or whatever, he has no right to tell us that the walk to the minsu was barely a few minutes' walk. 
The next morning, we went to the reception building to have our breakfast. The breakfast was good though especially the sugar-coated deep-fried anchovies.... minus the groundnuts... and the omelette was really good, I asked for more. Yana, the Indonesian staff was a hospitable person. Please up her salary if she's still working there, thank you. Then, I had what I wanted! Toasted bread with butter and the omelette made it the perfect breakfast.
We walked back to our room to fool around because we were actually very lazy. The young chap should just be honest with us. Instead of saying that we got the best view, he should just come clean and say that our best view was staring at the rooftop of the temple. We only have a part of the blocked view. 

In the end, we packed our bags and decided to explore the place a bit. We dumped our treasures at the reception area. We believe that it would be safe there. You see, there's no point planning to steal the luggage which the owner dares to leave behind without looking back or thinking twice. It only mean that there's nothing inside that's worth stealing. Off we went seeking for an adventure.

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