Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Day 13: Hualien and Around...

~ 26th March 2014~
There were a few places that our guide-cum-driver took us to. There was this shop that was selling lime juice. The guide said many would buy a cup or two of icy cold lime juice on a hot day. It was so sour our face turned into dried pulp once we took a sip. It was not our type of drink.
Next, we were taken to this shop selling local biscuits of sort. We tasted one and it was really nice but none of us wanted to carry a plastic bag with a box of biscuits. So in the end we didn't buy anything.
Then, when our day trip has ended, our driver made a call to order the specialty of Taiwan. It's deep fried roti canai with a bull's eye in the middle. I did not know that when you have come to the centre of the piece of bread, you're not suppose to bite it but suck the egg yolk. In the end, my egg yolk exploded right in my face and I didn't even know what hit me. I have egg yolk dripping from my spectacles, the camera, my shirt and shoes. I would be laughing if it happened to someone else but when it happened on yourself, you would be so lost, the last thing you would do was to laugh at yourself. I still have no idea how I looked like. Our guide said that he has reminded us not to bite in the centre but none of us heard him. 
What's left of the exploded egg...

I could not understand fully conversed Chinese but my travel buddy is a Chinese from China. Well, since she has stayed almost half of her life in Australia, her Chinese language is half past six already. 

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