Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Day 14: Leaving Jiufen...

~ 27th March 2014 ~
Finally, we had the chance to see Jiufen, with the houses of sorts built on the terraces of the the hill. We told our taxi driver that he will have to wait for an hour for us to walk in and out with our luggage. He asked for the minsu's phone number and he said he will make a phone call. He called while driving and asked that our luggage be sent out. When he hung up, we told him it was impossible to have our luggage sent out as the young chap told us that the minsu was short of hand and we had to do it ourselves. Our taxi driver said he would make sure our luggage were brought out. 
We waited for our luggage at a different entrance. We never knew the entrance existed but since the taxi driver was a local there, he knew better. Because of him, we got to enjoy the real scenery of Jiufen. Our taxi driver called up the minsu again to ask them to hurry with our luggage. Before long we saw the young lying chap with another young lady dragging our luggage, huffing and puffing away. The taxi driver thanked them both and all of us had a good laugh in the taxi. 
That's the third driver that I would have given the accolade with the words THE MOST AWESOME TAXI DRIVER IN TAIWAN! Off we went to our next destination. We skipped lunch.... again...!!

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