Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Life... As You Travel...

I have not traveled to that many places but whenever I leave Malaysia, I was excited to experience life in another country. As days go by, you realized that there's not much difference and the grass is definitely not greener on the other side.
I always thought that Taiwan, being a first world country, would have a better standard of living. Yeah, it was way much better than we became poorer by the day. The food cost too much and everything was calculated by the hundreds and thousands. I know, I've not been to Indonesia to get a jolt out of life with the hundred thousands of rupiah spend on necessities. The houses in Taiwan was so run down that was one cruel shock I received. It was like walking at the back lane of China. Sorry, I do prefer China a million times over compared to Taiwan. 
Life is not easy in Taiwan. The poor will always be with you. The older generation in Taiwan seemed to be very hardworking. They would do anything just to earn an honest income. That's seaweed you're looking at. She's drying the seaweed by the roadside. The capital for this roadside business is small but the amount of hardwork put in is just too much. But think again, are the roadside hawkers really poor? The answer might be a yes but it can also be a big NO. 
Life goes on wherever you are. If you're born there, you live there and move on with life. I have the privilege to experience life in other countries. I'm a tourist but not any regular tourists. 
Whenever I'm back in Penang, I am grateful that I can still get a bowl of wantan noodles for RM3. Two years back it was only RM2.70 and it was quite a big bowl, too. I wouldn't know what to get in Taiwan for 30NTD. Even a bun cost more than that so please stop saying that everything in Taiwan is cheap. You must have problem in converting and calculating if you think it's cheap. The cheapest things can still be found in Penang Island or Taiping.

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