Saturday, March 19, 2016

Day 14: Jiufen - Old Street...

~ 27th March 2014 ~
After we abandoned our luggage and treasures at the lobby of the minsu, we went to explore the Old Street of Jiufen, walking all the way. I was in no mood to take photos. I just wanted to walk around and look here and there. We had such hearty breakfast that our stomach has no space for us to try out anything more. I planned to take photos when we came back later on. We didn't come back. Will talk about that later.
There were quite a lot of good stuff along the walk down to the main entrance heading towards the one and only 7-11. We tried the honey kumquat juice. It was really good. I wanted the big bottle of honey kumquat but none of us was willing to carry such a big bottle of cold drink. We told the lady that we would be back. I think she must have heard that same phrase once too often and knew it was a lie. Whenever I said I will be back, I will. But I was really sorry. We did not have the chance to go back at all. Really sorry.
Then, there's this stall selling all sorts of meatballs. I love meatballs. I wanted a bowl of meatballs but really can't eat anymore. Along the way back maybe.
These prawn crackers shot out of the machine with a loud bang. Saw this exact same thing in Queensbay during last year's Chinese New Year. We bought 3 packets of prawn crackers. Delicious. But I'm not sure whether they have it this year or where they are now. I hardly go out of the house even though Queensbay is just a stone throw away. 
The Old Street was getting crowded by the minute. Thus, we got to experience the Old Street at night when it was totally void of humans except us and the rats were partying away into the night. We get really uncomfortable in big crowds so we quickly walked away. I think I prefer Old Street at night :0)

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