Monday, February 19, 2018

Korea Day 2: Dinner at생선 회마당[Sashimi Garden}

~ 24th January 2017 ~
생선 회마당 the direct translation does not mean Sashimi Garden but it's actually Sashimi Shed. Imagine having the whole shed with freshly sliced sashimi. I like raw food depending on what time. It was Jaerok's 12th birthday and I got the blessings to join in the exquisite dining experience.
It's private dining just like back in China. You can't be too loud though as the dividers were not sound proof. Our ass was heated by the heating element. There were lots of dishes which I like really much.
These were the few that I don't like because there were leaves and grass in them.
The assorted sashimi platter was the best. It was also my first time eating wriggly sliced octopus. Pour some soy sauce and they would dance for you. I don't think I will post any videos here. I'm a still photo person.
I don't know how four of us could eat so much. Eating until too full was not really a pleasant experience. It made moving around difficult but the tummy was happy, mouth also happy.

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