Friday, January 06, 2006

Science Confusion

Learning and teaching about our heart is kinda interesting. I have a class of all boyz who are very interesting and imaginative. I used to study science in our national language when I was in form three too. I don't think I question a lot that time... just swallowed whatever that was written in the book in order to pass examination.

Now... arteries are suppose to transport oxygenated blood except for pulmonary artery. Veins are suppose to transport deoxygenated blood except for pulmonary vein. These confused them deeply. I wonder whether last time the scientists who came out with the names of parts of heart made a mistake. Since scientists are not so neat in doing their work, they might left their mistakes unchanged. Or there's no invention of eraser yet. I'm just wondering....

All boyz.... I wonder where are the girls??

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aL said...

the girls are good enuf to differentiate between the veins n the arteries? lol..miss those science classes man!!