Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Day With LX...-

8th of May 2009, Friday
I've been waiting for this day for more than a month. The day has finally arrived. There's just so much to talk about. I think if we're given a month to yak, we'll be yakking non-stop around the clock even when there's no more topic to talk about. We can be the professional yakkers.. if there's such a profession. Thank God we didn't bring down the whole place.
We'll have more pics together. So few only. Not enough for me to choose from. The best place to yak.. in Azuma, Queensbay itself. My third time visiting the place. The 2nd encounter with the promotional food wasn't that good. This time round was okay. We're great ya, laugh until the manager and waitresses have to check on us a few times. Next time we find time for the marathon buffet. I still have the opinion that the table is too small, not because we ordered too many dishes.Wanna take a closer look? Come... take a look. Please don't salivate all over your keyboard. There's already a lot of germs on it... look at the plate of chuka idako... my baby octopus.. sedapnya.. eh, Monday to Thursday got 30% discount for VIP members, I think I'll find one day and sit there alone just eating the baby octopus from morning 10am until 2pm. I wonder how much of baby octopus I can eat.

Tori Sukune * grilled homemade chicken ball skewer*

Why homemade? I thought I was in a restaurant. Not at home also. And I didn't make it.

Gaki Teppan * Hiroshima oysters* Not bad, huh? Bad I still prefer raw oysters or oysters baked with cheese.

Gyu Niku Chahan *beef fried rice*

Hotate Iri Chahan *USA scallop fried rice*

Sakana Furai *deep fried breaded fish fillet*

Ellex, what are you doing? Can't you live one day without eating something hot and spicy? Don't have cili padi you pula stuff yourself with wasabi. Bukannya sikit you makan, banyaknya... kalau aku makan, pasti you kena telefon bomba.
I think we spent roughly about 2 hours there laughing away and talking nonsense. We have really good sense of humour and imagination better than Dreamworks cartoon. I really enjoy talking to you like in secondary school where we sat behind in one corner and talked for hours and hours. Eh, sounded more like I went to school just to talk to you. Hahahaha... if not I sure ponteng school.

Walk walk around Queensbay. The only thing we don't do together is shopping for clothes. Different taste, ya. Mine too lacy and girlish, yours too sporty. Hey, check that out...
iPhone. Nice to hold, nice to touch but not nice to use. Not that user-friendly but I don't mind owning one. Tried facebook-ing. So many functions in the phone. Loading of the games quite slow. If I have one, I think I'll be stuck to the phone 24/7. No need to work liao. Press phone in the toilet, while cooking in the kitchen, while talking to other ppl and while driving. Just afraid that while sms-ing someone, out of anger, I'll throw the phone on the ground and stomp on it. Then, after a few minutes, realize what I do and cry over the dead phone. Melayanglah RM2600...
Sell Out!
Malaysia's first English Language musical comedy with the laugh-out-loud comedy award. Argh.. forget to take pictures so no picture to put... Nice comedy. Well-written lyrics for the songs 'Money' and 'You're Not My Type'. I like the songs but I find the part, "Don't but me" quite irritating and annoying and simply very Malaysian the way he said it.

Argh! Whole day out then have to work again. Night class. *sigh* Now, I'm counting on the days that you'll be back on the 31st of August... why both of us so dark ya... I better stay at home for 3 solid months to become fair again...


lx ting said...

its oni wasabi. its x even spicy. 2bad jap restaurants dun haf cili padi. otherwise u can take a look at how much i can take.

i dun like sell out very much. i dun find it THAT hilarious till can gt an award. its kinda boring 2 me. n i also find the 'dun but me' super super super SUPER annoying. basically i dun quite like the movie la..

seahorse27 said...

Ok lar Sell Out! to be screened in the cinemas... give them a little bit of credit but obviously can't compare to Singapore comedies...I still prefer movies produced by Jack Neo... Mandarin better..