Thursday, May 14, 2009

Labour's Day - 1st of May 2009

The day started off well with dim sum for breakfast. It's a rare opportunity for me to have breakfast and I think I only have breakfast less than 10 times in a year. The day went well as planned. Did some banking stuff... thanks to CDM and ATM machines.

I was suppose to restrain myself from any shopping activities until December, but I find myself reasons to shop. I was given a RM50 voucher to shop in Metrojaya and RM60 for Parkson. Mama gave one so cannot blame me for spending. Reasons to shop... if I don't use up the cash and gift vouchers, then they will go to waste.

Skirt from Emanuelle, unique design. Heels from Sembonia and sandals from Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club. Hush Puppies' pan**es. It feels nice to shop again. I should really consider setting up a shopping fund for myself. Whoever who's kind enough can start donating, minimum RM50 no maximum. Can give me the whole shop, too. I don't mind owning a clothes shop for me to wear all the clothes, not to sell.

Movie time. Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Stupidly hilarious.

Then spent an hour resting at the beach and a few minutes spinning on the sea in skirt and blouse. I wanted to be the only person who went on jet-ski dry and came back dry but two bloody rascals from England had to purposely chased me on the sea and splashed me leaving me dripping wet from head to toe. Chased him on my jet-ski and splashed them back. Padan muka! But those guys already very wet, so makes no difference.

Now, I'm just wondering how did I end up with a traffic summon. Disobeying traffic sign. Now, come to think about it, I didn't drive past the red light. I'm positive it was an orange light. I didn't park anywhere except up at Gurney Plaza's parking lot. Then, came home straight after that. That traffic police said disobeying traffic sign means disobeying traffic sign lar... RM100 but reduced to RM70.. some more got discount. No need to use discount or VIP card. Sekali kena sudah serik. Next time I drive slow slow... drive 40km/h on highway and drive 20km/h on other roads. Geram aku dibuatnya.

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