Sunday, October 04, 2015

Day 11: Hengchun Old Town...

~24th March 2014~
We were waiting for a tour bus to take us to Hengchun Old Town. No more street food but I highly recommend the street food in Kenting. It's the best.
Dinner was at this Chinese restaurant in red. I can only recognize the second word as 'house' but the other three words, wait till the cow comes home, I will not know. We wanted to try what the locals usually eat in restaurant. We got our wish but then, Penang Chinese food tasted way better than theirs in comparison. Yes, I'm bias. I got Penang tongue so everything must taste at its best.
One of the places of interest in Hengchun would to visit a leftover gate. It's known as the West Gate and the rest of the history you can just enlarge the photo and start reading on the few lines of details. I did not know what I have in my camera because it was pitch dark over there. You don't expect to see tourists loitering around after dinner time. But I got some good photos even with the darkness.
That's the front portion of the gate that was left standing and preserved for this purpose. Only small vehicles can pass through the narrow tunnel. 
And that's the front portion. I can only thank my smart camera for doing its job perfectly. Without it, there will be no photos. Okay, so just an old red brick gate. I would call that a brick wall instead of a gate.
That part was bombed off and preserved in glass cage. Would someone really cart it off it it's not caged? Humans are wonderful. Someone bombed your place down then another someone with brilliant idea preserved the place for reasons unknown. How will you know you need to preserve that piece? Can you even live to see tomorrow let alone worry about the future generation?
Then we took a walk around the sleeping town. It should be hustling and bustling with life during the day. Everybody sleeps early. 
That's the house where they filmed the Cape No. 7 drama. I have no idea what kinda drama was that. I never want to watch Taiwanese drama because it was never-ending. Crazy long episodes of 500 to 1500 where the old grandfather never grows old and too much negative elements involved. I am a fan of MediaCorp Singapore one-hour drama. Other than that, my television hibernates. 

That's all of the short tour to the Old Town of Hengchun. At least we went to another extra place not in our list.

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