Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Day 12: Tungho and Dengxian Bridge...

~ 25th March 2014~
We were having a good rest when suddenly we were woken up. We had to switch to another bus which came from Hualien to pick us up. It was too ridiculous to drive the 8 hours journey with only 5 passengers in the bus. Well, when tourism is one of the main income, then anything goes. We switched from the Pingtung Tour bus to e-go bus. They have a collaboration of some sort but as long as we managed to reach our destination, whichever bus would do. While they were moving our luggage from the belly of the bus, we were given some time to hang around the place. As I've mentioned before that we had no idea what was in store for us in Taitung County, I just managed to check out the two bridges that we captured.
We were suppose to concentrate on the Tungho Bridge but my eyes caught something else. Anything that's red will keep me in focus.
That's a simple yet beautiful bridge. It's so simple like you just put it there and ta-da~! You can use it already. That's the Dengxian Bridge. I read that there's a scenic area over there where you can enjoy the macaques. I do not enjoy looking at macaques so we do not miss anything. 
Look at that sleepy head with her bunch of banana bought from Banana Pier in Kaohsiung! She was so sleepy and I made her smile for the camera. We have an agreement before we start our journey together. I do not like people who always refuse to take a photo. Like when you are ready to snap a picture and then that person dilly dallies and give all sort of excuses like face not nice, hair like shit, don't want... don't want.... I will use my tripod to whack that person. So we're always ready for photos... I just need to say NEXT~! then the travel buddy or mi madre will take turns to have their photos taken. I'm a very efficient person.... hehehehe....
The main attraction of the place is that Tungho Bridge. Go Google about it because I can't understand the history of Taiwan. Will never understand it... unless I find an interesting book about it.
That's the river flowing beneath Tungho Bridge. We didn't see any macaque and that's all. While others only concentrate on Tungho Bridge, I was really happy that I took that Dengxian Bridge as well. That's all for the few minutes of 'tour'.
That pig continued her sleep with her bunch of banana... we snored all the way to the next stop... 

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