Sunday, October 04, 2015

Day 12: Xiaoyeliu Area - Taitung County...

~25th March 2014~
I didn't realize that we were so daring. We went to a holiday with half a plan only. We had no idea how to get from Kending to Hualien until when we called up the number from the brochure. It's impossible that they do not have any transport going up when they provide transport down south. The coach we took had can sit 42 people but there were only 5 of us yet they still operate. I like that very much, thank you for the excellent service. The bus has a tour guide and it stopped at scenic areas. But I did not have much sleep earlier so I ended up having the best snooze in the bus for the 8 hours road trip from Kending to Hualien.
Our first stop was at Xiaoyeliu Area. The bus was making a loo break and I was reluctant to get down. But in the end I went and took a look of the place. I don't what I was suppose to see. I have no idea what is cuesta, where's the mushroom rock, doufu (beancurd?) rock and all those other rocks. Just snap away before the guide holler for us to get back.
What's the purpose of that? Encourage reading? Or one should gain knowledge wherever one goes?
 There was one rock which looked like a hedgehog. I have better eyes and better imagination. Where got beancurd rock and where's the cuesta? 
Are those cuesta? Gosh... what did I learn from my Geography lessons about landscape of the Earth? I scored a 100% for my Geography yet I have no recollection of such memory except for some simple ones. All these escaped me.... 
 Two men fishing on the wet rocks. Wasn't that dangerous? What if the waves came down hard on them all of a sudden?
Oh, if one has no interest in fishing, one could stand at the man-made barrier to take photo. See that man I accidentally have the head removed? He has his camera on a tripod stand. If strong wind blows away my camera on tripod, I will dive in with my camera. Then both will be left broken. Eh, I'm very curious.... why the man-made barrier everywhere?
 Those are natural... This time round we failed to recognize anything from the map. *sigh*
That's the tree on the map... I guess.... But I do like a photo that I found of the place...
Yeah.... I like this pic the most. Just like it for no apparent reason. JUST. LIKE. THIS. PIC..... then I went off to continue my sleep in the bus. 

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