Sunday, October 04, 2015

Day 11: Our Last Night in Kenting...

~24th March 2014~
We have a good reason why we wanted to stay in a comfortable hotel in Kenting for two nights. We wanted good night's rest before we started our journey of travelling up north of the island via the coastal way in the eastern part. The night was still young to call it a day so my travel buddy suggested that laundry be done before we called it a day.
Before we walked into the hotel, we took the coloured chalks and started scribbling on the blackboard. I like to scribble. It's good enough that I didn't doodle on the board.
It's a four-star hotel so we expected better facilities and we found the washing machine and dryers. Mi madre and le travel buddy have more experienced in handling such electrical giants that I chose to step aside.
We were happy to open the closed door to a huge room with X-box for us to play. What the heck... everything in Chinese? It's okay... it's just a game. We played until we were sweating then we had to take a shower again. *sigh* This was while waiting for the clothes to finish spinning in the washing machine.
We had a game of foosball and when the clothes were done to be transferred into the dryer, we went up and spent our time rolling on the bed. The dryer would take another 2 hours before it was done. That was when everything went awry.
It was not better than when we were in Taipei. It was equally as bad. None of our clothes were dry. And it was almost midnight. We couldn't stuff the wet clothes into our luggage. It would smell like stale fish mixed with stinky tofu and salted fish. I wanted mi madre to have a good rest and I know my travel buddy would not be in a good position to wake up in the middle of the night to deal with the dryer so I volunteered myself. I woke up every two hours and became a little smarter. I separated the load into two halves and started the two-hour spin. When it was all done, it was already 4 in the morning and our bus would come and pick us at 8a.m. sharp and we needed our breakfast. So, I was up again at 6:30a.m. and I did all the luggage packing. I'm good at that but I vow never to wash any clothes anymore in that country. It has the lousiest dryer. There were two dryers and another one was occupied. I met the Western lady who said that she has been letting the dryer spin for three days straight and it was not drying. Hah~! Please throw away the dryer.. useless.... spoil my night in a comfortable room.
I had the best breakfast in LeaLea Garden Hotel. I can live on soft roll and butter at any time of the day.

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