Saturday, April 23, 2016

Day 14: Chasing After Sunset at Lover's Bridge...

~ 27th March 2014 ~
After we were done with our photography session at Yehliu Geopark, we were suppose to go somewhere else but we were so tired that we asked the driver to drop us at our minsu. Our last minsu was the first minsu that we lived in. Although the building was so run down but the price was reasonable. None of saw the journey along the way back to the minsu, the three of us were snoring like pigs. We trust our driver, though, True enough, he only woke up once we arrived at the doorstep. We did not get the room that we first got, so we had to make do with a smaller room.
After the 8th day in the island-country, we learn about the tap water and drinking water. The tap water, no doubt you have boiled it in the electric jug, it's not meant for drinking. It can cause serious poisoning, according to the locals. Drinking water must be bought such as Spritzer mineral water. We have resilient stomach and God is on our side, none of us were down with any food poisoning.
After lazing around, we decided to move our ass and catch the sunset at Danshui. Yeah, I got really excited looking at the sun setting. We missed the sunrise in Alishan because of the mammoth size cloud shielding the rising sun. 
We chose not to waste anymore time and proceed to hop onto the waiting ferry heading towards the Lover's Bridge at the Fisherman's Wharf. I waited for the sunset at the jetty. It was beautiful. Well, why chase after the sunset until the Lover's Bridge. I read in most articles about the Lover's Bridge. That's where couples go to enjoy sunset but when we were at the Lover's Bridge, no one bother to look at the sun setting at all. It's just me and my camera and mi madre and the travel buddy just stood there while waiting for me.
Then we took the customary photos of the tourist attraction. Stand here, take photo. Stand there, take photo. We walked to the other end of the bridge but there's nothing there. It's like the major attraction was just the bridge with many steps. Maybe there would be more attractions during the weekends. There's just a row of restaurants.
Taiwan is really good in decorating places. Without the "LOVE" planted there, it's just another bridge. If only Malaysia can spend money on decoration that will attract visitors from every nook and corner of the world, we are able to make more money. We decided to take the ferry back to Danshui and searched for our dinner. Whatever happen to our lunch? I will have to write down a big reminder not to skip lunch but sometimes there's just not enough time to do anything.

We found a simple restaurant serving really good food. I forgot to take the photo of the restaurant. We were concerned of the food, more of our stomach actually. We spent NT$1500 only, we we felt was rather cheap. Yeah, we are wealthy travelers. 

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