Monday, April 18, 2016

Day 14: Yehliu Geopark...

~ 27th March 2014~
Finally, we arrived at Yehliu Geopark. Finally, my photos have reach this day. I asked the driver where he would go while waiting for us. He said usually drivers would wait in the car. I put myself in his shoes. If I have to wait for someone like me, holding a camera, I would be standing on the car's roof and stomp the car until I can fold it into my pocket. It has been a long time since the driver last enter the geopark so I said we would be buying him a ticket so he can join in our fun.
He agreed without much persuading needed. At least I don't have to waste my saliva begging for someone to join us. There are drivers who refuse like the one in Kending. Another driver who should get the Most Adventurous Driver award. He's very cooperative in taking photos.
Regarding Yehliu Geopark, yes, one should not miss it out. I don't know about other travelers, but I'm definitely not one who goes overseas for shopping. The rock formations through erosion overtime were prove of God's creation. They were so unique, with big top and narrow support. Fearing that one day they would just roll off and completely destroyed, the authorities have replica of every single structure. Maybe in a few more years or decades, it would be gone. 
There were names to each rock formation. The most famous one would be that of Queen Elizabeth's crown. We could not afford to stand in queue so we went to the other side and take a photo from afar. We spend the rest of our time walking all over the place. I think we were there for hours. Not going to upload all the 100+ photos here. Find some time and go over there. It's good to travel. 
My favourite rock formation was that cute hippo in the water which no one acknowledge. The aquarium was just opposite which we didn't go. After you are done with the walk around the geopark, there are food stalls along the exit passage. I wonder why we didn't get anything to eat for lunch. Why? Why did we always go hungry during holidays?

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