Monday, April 11, 2016

Everything in Life is DIFFICULT~!

After living for 3 decades, I don't find anything easy. The hardest part of living is to live a Christian life. Accepting Jesus as a personal Saviour is the beginning. It's not enough. It does not secure you a place to be in heaven. One must lead a diligent prayer life. Do you know how hard it is to spend quality personal time with Jesus? And it's hard to read the Bible from cover-to-cover. Reading is not a problem, understanding the Bible is. You know what's the difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament? You learn about the graciousness of Jesus who died for us on the Cross. One without the other is not complete. Jesus is the link to Father God. In the Old Testament, you learn about the heartbeat of God. 
Eating is not easy. Cooking is not easy. I still screw up in the kitchen. I screw up most of the time when there are visitors coming. I cooked perfectly well when no one is visiting. Then, sometimes eating is stressful.
Teaching is not easy. Teaching lazy students is the most difficult part because the other party is not responding and cooperating. And I feel like I'm talking to walls. The worst part comes from the parents who have such high hopes for their children yet they know not of how terrible their children are. I stop complaining to parents, telling them that their children have not been doing homework. I just don't care anymore because I complained once and twice but since there's no changes, why increase your blood pressure unnecessarily? To those parents who want straight A's from their children, please see what they are doing at home. Are they able to do it? You can't expect a Kancil car to beat an Audi on the road. The Kancil will fall apart in pieces, you understand?
Sewing is not easy. I stare and stare at the minimal words on the pattern sheet. I just wish they are written in paragraphs then I can understand better. It's not easy to learn through YouTube. I've been looking at the crochet video. It looks easy. Everything looks easy but you put your hands on it, it's not easy to make the starting loop.
Playing the piano is not easy. You try playing a perfect 4 octaves C major scale. It's not just about hitting the notes correctly. It's more than that... seriously more than that.
It's not easy to sit quietly. The heat in the house is so bad I sweat without doing anything. Such I turned on the air-conditioning system.I heard one of my neighbours lamented about how high her electric bill is. It has increased from RM27 to RM65. I thought to myself, that's relatively cheap. I have not seen two digits electric bill for more than a decade. Mine has been doing a somersault and got caught somewhere on top. It used to be RM380 now I'm looking at RM800++ before long it will touch the 4-digit total and I will have to enjoy extensive sauna session in the house and use charcoal to cook.
I once wish that I live in a cave. I give a thought to it. I will never be able to survive in a cave. No basic necessities at all. Schools never teach how to live in wilderness.

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