Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Pleasant Dinner

Can you imagine a high class dinner at a hawker centre? I'm a person who loves surprises and also fascinated with what the world has to offer.... especially food. Penang is really a food haven no wonder so many people are over weight.

I can't remember the name of the hawker centre but it's situated opposite Penang Chinese Girls' High School (Ping Hwa). There are many types of food to choose from.... right from the common hawker dishes like Char Koay Teow, Curry Mee, Hokkien Mee, Laksa, Chicken Wings, Claypot Chicken Rice to specialities like Western Food, Pizza, Pie Tea, Ikan Bakar, Yong Tau Foo and lots more.

So which stall did I choose?

The food that this stall has to offer, you can find them in fine restaurants not in hawker center. But here it is right at the corner of this place.

What's so special? Look at the name of the stall.. Padrino... Italian Special. The chef used to work on the cruise ship. After working for more than a decade he decided that land is more suitable for him than sea. Thus, he set up this stall. So the customers are really lucky to be able to taste such great food at a low cost.

Then what was my choice of food then?

TA - DA!

That's a plate of Cheese Chicken Turkey Ham. There are potato covered with cheese, underneath the turkey ham is the chicken and in the middle is the cheese plus spaghetti which is so tasty. The whole plate is so filling. I would have cost me more than RM10 in a restaurant but this is only RM7. The price is really good!

That on the left is Carbonara Chicken... if I spell it correctly. It's a piece of crispy-fried chicken. The sauce is mixed with milk so took a longer time to prepare. Same portion of spaghetti and potato and also some salad. Price is also RM7... very filling too!

Earlier on... like last year or so I tried the pizza which is cooked over wood.... very aromatic...


aL said...

yep! the spaghetti there is superb! the hawker centre is call goodall i think.

yenmei said...

Eh... you also pergi. Not surprising coz' we love good food and basically we love to eat... any other nice places where you can recommend to me?

aL said...

haha! im sure my nice places all oso u been before d wan la..hehe! wait i come bk we go food hunting ha!

yenmei said...

Sure food hunting!! No problem!!