Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lunch with Laughter!

Lunch.... at Hongkies Kopitiam. I expected a nice lunch but the dish was just terrible. Thank goodness I'm with them coz' the laughter made me full... or was it more to indigestion? Too much air entered I guess.

The Hong-Sing-Mal Flavours - Zoo Pharm.... a variety of meat in a big bowl of rice topped with mozarella cheese and also curry paste. There were fish, beef and chicken fillet.... but the person who ate that dish kept on saying there's pork. HHMmmm.... who's right and who's wrong? Anyway the so-called beef which tasted like pork was as hard as stone. Even the fork can't poke through. Blame the fork!! This was the second time I came and it has left me when negative thought... I don't think I'll come back here again.

My Financial Meals - The Future of Banking. Idiot! The roasted honey baby back ribs were so hard. I was having a fun time laughing and chewing... suddenly I got so tired and exhausted just chewing them. It was like chewing a piece of wood with rubber teeth... or should I say plastic teeth chewing on a piece of rubber... whichever does not matter.... I think I ate the rice only... see lar... financial meals... the more you eat the more it'll bore a hole in your pocket.

I think only the third dish was edible. Congrats Jan! You made the right choice. Simple yet edible.... better than eating the whole zoo and chewing on planks... The third dish was under the category Hong-llwood Movies Bonanza Meals.... but as you eat, did you see any movie? I don't think so, huh! What a name for the dish.... Drumlets Rice.... can't pronounce it properly... why not Drummers Rice? The deboned chicken drumstick bathed in button mushroom sauce was nice. The fried egg sunny-side up looked cute. Fragrant garlic rice tasted more like black pepper rice.

There are 99 types of dishes.... I'm still thinking whether I should come back to try the rest when two dishes here had gave me negative thoughts about coming back.

Hong Kong milk coffee.... tasted exactly like kopi peng at coffee stalls... just added some high class name and the whole glass of coffee became so expensive.

I think I'm hooked to the chocolate banana milk shake. Actually in the 55 types of drinks... this appeal to me most. I love chocolate!!

Nice piece of lemon. Well decorated... ta- Da! The Prosperity fizzing lemon with ribena... Jan..Do you feel prosperous after drinking it?

All in all I can't remember the taste of the food but I sure remember how we laughed. I guessed we're the loudest around... I don't care coz' I'm very happy. If I can laugh like that in the middle of the road it'll be more fun!! That's what I meant by having good companions will make you forget about the lousy food... we still had a great and fun time together, am I right?!


aL said...

yes yes! you are right! bwahahahahaha! now i start to laff again..

jan said...

yay can comment again! dunno why the other day become sot..thanks for belanja-ing us n driving us around!! frenz forever!