Thursday, May 04, 2006

May 2nd - The Official Laughing Day

It has been a long time since we went out together. I'm touched to know that after so many years of leaving secondary school, I still have friends who stay with me through thick and thins. To have a true friend staying by my side is more blessed to have a million so-called friends who will leave me when I'm down in the dumps. I find myself truly blessed as I do not have one true friend but a handful of them.

Just, Jan, Al but there are two more not around. They are Annie and Karen. If I can just have them as friends forever, I'll be satisfied.

As Just will be going off, in fact she has flown off, we had a dinner outing. It was so much fun to be with them. Laughter can really be contagious as we laughed like we had never laughed for four years... there was so much joy being together with them... my dear friends.

I always hear the reason people went out for drinks is to feel happy since they felt that their lives are meaningless... They are disappointed with their lives. I strongly object to those reasons. Having true friends... the best companion... is all we need to fill the vacuum in our hearts. No matter how bad the weather is, how horrible the food tasted and you have so much to complain about, time spent with true friends will make us forget about all those.

Frankly speaking, I don't remember what we laughed about. What I know was I had a good laugh... the best laughing session I have ever attended. Hey pals.. other than our exercise cum cleaning company, we should set up a "Contagious Laughter" session. All those who are down in their dumps and depressed bout their lives, we can actually help them feel better with our contagious laughter. We might even help a person who wants to commit suicide to change his mind.


aL said...

okay also. but im sure "Contagious Laughter" session wil surely generate lotsa revenue wan. LOL!

yup, friends forever!

jan said...

hahahhaa till next May 2nd!!! bring it on lol i can't forget the 'zaman kegemilangan' thinglah i teringat sure laugh again one!
frens forever!