Thursday, May 04, 2006

Helicobacter Pylori

This is the living microorganism which can be found in the stomach. Very disgusting and feasting on our stomach. Therefore, not all tummy cramps are due to gastric pains but may be the cause of this worm-like creature having a fun time in the stomach.

Ignorance can cause death. Eventhough there are ways to kill these bacterias, bear in mind that the stomach wall has been whacked by these creatures. It will result in ulcer forming on the walls caused by secretion of the hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

If this happens in the mouth, medicine can be applied to the wound but it's in the stomach and there's no way any medicine can be applied.... unless you tear open your stomach and it will be the end of you. This disease which is attacking many people around the globe can be deadly. Many people do not realize about H.Pylori because the symptoms at the early stages are exactly like having gastric pain.

On the left is our digestive system... Looks pretty complex and all compressed into one narrow body. God is great... I wonder how He gets the idea to come out with all these things which work mechanically... no need electricity or batteries... That's why we should be more thankful and also take good care of this human engine.


Anonymous said...

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seahorse27 said... that's what I'm using...

Anonymous said...
is this a virus attack. what should i do now?

seahorse27 said...

It's not a virus attack. It's bacteria eating out the lining of the stomach. Just get treatment from the hospital with antibiotic and stay away from sour and spicy food items..