Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hongkie Kopitiam

What pulls me into this Kopitiam? Similar to other modern kopitiams and restaurants, the number of customers in the shop attracts new customers. After attending the agent's meeting, I chose to try out this place which is quite new in E-Gates ( opposite Tesco ). What you see on the left is not the logo on the wall but the front page of the menu. Can you imagine how big the menu is.

The moment I opened the menu, I had a good laugh coz' the names for the dishes are so hippy. After making the waiter stand and waited for at least 10 minutes, I actually made my decision.

That meal was categorised under Financial Meals. Don't get me wrong as you'll never get rich eating that bowl of rice. In the end you become RM6.80 poorer. The name of that dish is "We strive, You thrive". The deep fried chicken cutlets aren't bad... maybe because I'm too hungry that's why in this entry I will praise the chefs... pappadams on my rice... *sigh* I don't eat that. The vegetables aren't bitter so okay for me. The description printed on the menu is correct, 'Deep fried chicken cutlets and vegetables in big bowl of rice.' The bowl is big but the amount of rice is little. So I'm actually paying for the size of eating utensils but not for the amount of food.

On the left is classified under the Hong-Sing-Mal Flavours. The Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysian flavours... or is it more to their own concoctions. It's named after the address of the British Prime Minister - 10th Downing Street. I wonder does 10th Downing Street have Aseans staying there? If not where do they get the name from? That bowl contained fragrant rice with beef steak beneath it and the rice is topped with lots of chewy mozarella cheese. How much pound am I putting just as I finished this meal?

There was some technical problem or might be even human error as they forgot to prepare that meal above. Since they kept me waiting, I asked for a discount which they gave but only 5%. Hahaha.... I must had been branded a fussy customer.

The chocolate with banana milk shake has a name called "Adam & Eve". Why not call "Cain & Abel"? Adam choked on a piece of apple not banana. Apple strudle should be named "Adam & Eve". Maybe that milk shake should best be named as "Monkey Shake".

The ice-blended... passion fruit with mint. Are they using the pure fruit to blend or just the fake powder or human-made liquid with just the flavour? Nice decoration on the ice... twinkling stars. Too much colouring can cause cancer... hahaha... if we're too health conscious in the end we'll leave this world due to malnutrition or starvation.

By the time I'm done eating it was already 12 midnight.

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