Friday, September 01, 2006

Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How....

It took 5 different people to talk me into this. Tried the products and it was really wonderful. Results can be seen within the first week and for some people even after three days of trying the products necessary to shed off some fats.

It is a company which is standing strong in the States. The products have been circulating worldwide in 62 countries. Malaysia is placed at 61 which proved our Medical Board is very hard to be penetrated. Not all the products are allowed entry into Malaysia but the basic products are in.

This is a company with 17 scientists to experiment on what we eat and how to overcome our bad eating habits. Amway has been around in the market for more than 20 years but the sales turnover in 3 months is only RM3 million ++ but for this company which just came early in the year, within the first 3 months, the total turnover in 3 months is more than RM65.5million. This is really a proven and fantastic product to consume.

Within the first week, I lose 5 kg and it's still going down. I attended the Success Training Seminar and I met so many people from around the world. This is the company which has produced the most number of millionaires and I'm very determined to be one of them soon. Can you imagine it took 5 people to talk me into this wonderful company??

The basic shake contains 55 cellular nutrients. Therefore, its not only for those who want to lose weight. Those who are underweight or have been on a crash diet can even get a balanced and fit body in no time. Pimpled face and acne attack can be get rid of. Always visiting the doctors because of flu? Stop the flu once and for all. Some of you might have tried varieties of medicine to slim down or have good health, this is the best thing that I can introduced.

A church member was on the stage telling how she escaped death. She was in ICU when somebody fed her with this miraculous shake.... she woke up after a few days and she's the walking testimony that the cellular nutrients in the shake really healed her. There's no guarantee or statement that it will cure any diseases. But think about it, our cells need the nutrients which we are not able to provide.

I wished I wouldn't have been stubborn. It might help Shazmil if I wouldn't have been so hard-headed and sceptical. I will not make the same mistake anymore. Yes, I do blamed myself for not being caring enough, not being more alert and being not of any help.

To those who read my blog, tell your friends about this wonderful thing... or why not come and listen about this wonderful thing. Just drop me a comment or drop me your contact number.

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