Friday, September 01, 2006

Prevention is Better than Cure...

I think most people will agree with me about these :
  • Girls or women are willing to spend their hard earned money on their outer beauty - visiting the slimming centres, going for facial treatments, buying expensive and branded clothes just to look attractive, changing hairstyles as frequent as the style changes....
  • Buy magazines and follow the crazy diets in the magazines just to have a fabulous body - always want to look slim but in the end not slim but looks more like a skeleton... not attractive but scary looking with sunken cheeks
  • Would go on hunger just to fit into the extra small dress to prepare for a party....
  • Sending our cars and motorcycles for service and changing the lubricant oil every 5 000 or 10 000km, filling it with the best petrol so that when you accelerate, its like you're moving on air....
  • Getting the latest computer, the latest electronic gadgets to show off, the largest LCD television screen, the slimmest phone, the best MP4
  • Buying insurance for our homes, cars and ourselves.
  • Skipping meals and cutting on expenditures to get our dream house or going for a holiday which will burn a big hole in your savings

I have come to my senses that all those are only secondary. The most important is our health. You can own everything in this world but when you loses your health, in a whoosh you have NOTHING at all. Everything that you've planned, everything that you have build, everything that's surrounding you, your loved ones, your best friends... all of these become far from your reach.

My mother always tell me what is the point of getting a big house, when you die can you bring it along with you? What is the point of making so much money if you're not willing to help the poor? Splurging money is a sin. There are still many many people who can't even get a proper meal let alone buy a new shirt.

I experienced the real pain first handed when I was running to and fro to the hospital just to be with Shazmil. It's mentally and physically draining. The saddest thing is that you turn to your left, your right, all along your path, you see sick people. You can't do anything. If you bring a big bag containing cash, you still can't buy back their health. You donate a few millions to the dying person, he wouldn't want it. He wants back his health which cannot be bought with a price.

There are many products out in the market for general wellness. Organic food to those who really take care of their diets. Many more products which proved to heal deadly diseases. Which to trust? That was why it took 5 people to talk me into this. Right until now I have no regrets. I wish all my friends will be in with me to promote a better and healthy living.

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