Friday, September 22, 2006

Janice Went to Spa

This is such a 'wonderful' place to be at. Small pond, greeneries here and there, well placed stones, beautiful environment which created freshness in the air. Janice, you surely 'looked' happy and glad to enter the spa. That robe really made you looked like you're an apostle having walked a thousand miles in the desert with your camel. You just can't belief your eyes that you manage to find the region with oasis and water is the only thing you have in mind. Don't worry!! I'm there to share your 'joy' with you.

There... we are the happiest friends around. Celebrating your success in seeking water, the essential need for survival... And not to forget another person, the First Lady in your life and the diamond in your heart....

It's your mom! You took your mom to the SPA! You're such a wonderful daughter, gal.

*SIGH* I've never been to a spa. And I doubt that Janice have ever been to one too. Actually, Jan went for colonoscopy and we were there to cheer her on. Wasted half a day of unproductive time at the so-called spa. In conclusion, I still don't have positive remarks to make for private hospitals. To me, they are not sincere in treating patients but they are just blood-suckers, trying to earn from sick people. Next time don't rob the banks, rob the hospitals. They earn more than the banks do, I guess.

PS. Not encouraging any of you to rob the banks or rob anywhere or anybody. Just giving an example. Don't misinterpret.

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jan the spa go-er haha said...

I can't stop laughing!!! Thanks for the creative interpretation haha ..really wished it was spa huh