Monday, September 04, 2006

Mysteries Upon Mysteries

I've come across a few situations, real-time situations but seems like very far from reality. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the real person. Really make me go bonkers...

Situation 1:
I know of this lady, Agnes, who rented me a place. The name of the house owner is not even her name. It's somebody by the name of Mr. Tan..... Agnes determines the amount of rent to be collected and did not give a single cent to Mr. Tan. She used up all the money. When I asked who's the real owner, she said that Mr. Tan is a kind uni lecturer who gave the house to her. Funny! If want to give her the house why not change the owner's name? But a stranger giving another person a house?? It really makes me wonder. I'm not even sure whether I will want to present a house to my very own biological sister let alone give it to a stranger or even a friend? (scratching my head).

Situation 2:
This lady, Agnes, has an aged mother. She told me her mother usually goes shopping 4 to 5 days. My jaw almost dropped when I heard that. I'm not sure whether to laugh it off or just stare blankly like an idiot. Then she told me her mother has been gone for shopping for a month in Komtar and didn't come home. Is her mother suffering from Alzheimer's disease. She should have report to police under missing person department.... but true enough how to tell the police ar? "Ibu saya pergi membeli-belah di Komtar selama 4 atau 5 hari. Tetapi kali ini pelik sikit, pergi membeli-belah selama sebulan. Rasa-rasanya sudah hilang atau sedang bersiar-siar di kota Georgetown." ARGH!! She asked me to help her, but the more I think the more headache I have. I don't think I can help.

Situation 3:
This Agnes has a son by the name of Simba. Simba looks 100% Chinese but Agnes' husband is an Indian. Simba doesn't resemble his father at all. Is Simba Mr. Murugan's son or Mr. Tan's son? Is the house given to compensate Simba? Okay... my imagination is running really wild. Simba is only in standard 1 but speaks like an adult... can even do Form 1 Maths... faint! I really faint!

Situation 4:
Agnes' husband, Mr. Murugan is a captain of a ship, sail around the world, shipping contennas. Mr. Murugan is supposed to retire last year but insisted on working on contract with the shipping company... funny... doesn't he miss the land? Why insisted on going eventhough his age is not really permitting him to go? But every month Mr. Murugan will send Agnes ALL his salary. I've only seen Mr. Murugan once. Sounds like he's running away from home.

Situation 5:
Agnes is a real genious... but the way she looks at me really make me squirm. I can safely say that she's the only person who can scare me out of my wits. She is holding more than 5 degrees. She just finished one. She can think of the unthinkable. When I started talking to her, she's really loud and I'm always shivering in fear that her voice will swallow me whole. She can talk for hours and I'll be sweating just sitting with her.

Lastly, I managed to talk her into trying my product. She loss 3 kg within 2 days. Her body can make 5 of me so I guess her everything really scare me. Wow!! I can close her for sales but she is still a scary person.


jan said...

woolala..why so drama one? lol

yenmei said...

I also dunno... can you give me the answers to all these situations? It's kinda mind-boggling if you see it at a kaypoh point of view....

aL said...

errr..i duno. lol.

Pao Pao said... come all the cases so weird one..u made it up or wat?

yenmei said...

Pao : I didn't make it up. It's real.. later when you come back, I can bring you to see her... I bet before she comes standing near you, you would have run away and leave me all alone. She's staying in Island Glades... near Jean Nie's place... next road only in fact.