Tuesday, April 21, 2009

True Friendship...

I was forced to blog about what has recently happen in my life. The avid reader aimed her cannon at me and forced me to write this. It was just an invisible cannon through the short messaging system with the phrase 'wa mai chai lu liao' if I don't update my blog. So, here I am, waking up at 9a.m. just to blog. It's pouring cats and dogs and I feel like crawling back under my comforter then sleep until the rain stops like the other day. Can I go back to sleep now and forget 'bout your craving for a lengthy post? I prefer blogging 'bout food coz' that's what I live for. I'm having writer's block so I'm going to crap about everything. It won't be in sequence. I want to sleep!

I am sorry *kneeling on bended knees*... you've been a great person. *Can I write some other time? My otak memang jam... and I've been staring at the screen with the cursor blinking for so long but nothing comes out of my mind* What you've done for me was....eerrrmmm... far greater than anything that has ever happen in my life. I've never have a friend who will apologise on my behalf after what I have done to both of them. I know you'll be there for me whether it rains or shines. Sorry again for killing millions of your brain cells and shortening your life... *Cik tinggal berapa tahun lagi, ya? :P Aku tulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia boleh tak?* Sememangnya aku amat terharu dengan tindakan engkau.. Ish!! I don't know what to write except for I'm sorry and thank you for standing by me thru' thick and thin. I will re-edit when it's not raining *alasan semata-mata* and when my brain is working at super fast speed. Blame it on the rain! Nothing will break us apart...
I'm sorry for doing things out of anger and almost make a dent in your 15 years of friendship with your best buddy. I didn't know you will keep me protected. Never will I do things behind your back or hide things from you anymore. Change your status liao... you're not the one who shortens my life at night. I can't live without both of you. I'm wondering did I kek si you until you get high grade fever?
Hey, you! KANASAI! Stand right there! Jump so high for what? Happy hor? I've never use lousy or any rude words in my blog. But for you I will gladly repeat the word K-A-N-A-S-A-I!! Nampak muka macam happy-go-lucky but then... so emo... worse than I am. Buat salah tak mahu mengaku... change your nick name liao.. spoil Goofy's good name only...

Siao lang!! Simply shoot ppl down and must call you... waste money some more hear you pot pet pot pet... really KANASAI! I know liao.. your typing skill like shit.. type fast fast later all typo nobody can understand you. Tangan terketar-ketar macam kena penyakit Carpal Tunnel. Kalau aku... sama-sama jerit... nanti tutup telefon tak tahu siapa cakap apa... lagi bazir duit! I shall not spoil the good name of Donald Duck so you'll be 'Duckie' from today onwards. I change to Hokkien for 'Duckie' you teruk liao... "Ark"... I'm not mentioning the name of the 'ark' so whoever stumble upon this blog and terbaca lalu terperasan that I'm talking 'bout you... then that's your problem... Now, hungry thinking 'bout crispy and juicy roast duck... >.<

In conclusion:


Not you, Duckie!!

*Haih... took me two hours to write such a short post. Rain also about to stop liao... I want to sleep*


ChiLin yg Pandai said...

You don't love duckie? U hurt my feeling T.T

seahorse27 said...

Oh... got people terperasan already... padan muka!!

Anonymous said...

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