Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fear Not..[82]

FREEDOM - Do not fear
There is freedom from fear and anxiety. We can expel fear and replace it with the power of God's love and what a release that is.

COMPANIONSHIP - I am with you
To have the Lord's constant presence and companionship is indeed a great privilege.

ENCOURAGEMENT - do not be dismayed
There are so many things that surroud us that can dismay and discourage us. But God wants us to 'cheer up' and not be dismayed.

RELATIONSHIP - I am your God
What a powerful truth. To have such a personal relationship with the great "I am". To every need you have, God says,"I am...". Truly, "He is our sufficiency"

STRENGTH - I will strengthen you
HELP - and help you
VICTORY - I will uphold you with me righteous right hand
Let this promise and the reality of it, fill your mind and understanding. Conquer fear and difficulties God's way and take hold of this daily programme.

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