Thursday, November 05, 2009

His Plans...[79]

If there was ever a verse to get excited about, this one has to be on your list. As a born again Christian, note what God has for you:
  1. HE HAS PLANS - What a thrill to know that God has specific plans for you every day. The verse below is from Psalm 139:16
  2. THEY ARE GOOD PLANS - Sometimes we struggle with the difficulties that arise in our life and we wonder just what is happening. Never doubt the fact that God wants nothing but the best for your life. Yes, His plans are good plans.
  3. YOU HAVE A FUTURE AND A HOPE - In our insecure world it is wonderful to know that we have a definite future and hope. We have the best in this life, as well as in the life to come. The world without Christ, has a hopeless end, while we have an endless hope! Allow God's programme and plans to operate within your life today. *That verse in the picture is wrong. It's suppose to be Jeremiah 29:11-13*
~ Get high within and then you won't have to get high without ~

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