Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No Plastic Bag Monday..

I've planned my day well when I woke up. Things to buy for the whole week... I've made a list in my brain. I'm not good in writing down shopping lists. I bought quite plenty of stuff to replenish whatever that's been used up. I kinda like going to the hypermarket on a weekday as there's not much of a crowd.

I was waiting for my turn at the cashier and I was wondering why didn't the lady in front of me put her stuff in the plastic bags. What was she waiting for? Waiting for her stuff to grow legs and jump into the bag themselves? Then, I saw her putting her stuff into the trolley one by one. And I thought she was nuts... until it actually dawn upon me... it's Monday... there's some kinda campaign every Monday...hhmmmm I've read it in the newspapers months back. AAAHHHH!! No plastic bags day.

That lady in front of me wasn't nuts. I did the same thing and I had more stuff. I felt like telling the cashier I didn't want all those things anymore. Maybe I'll come back the next day. It was so embarassing. Thank God there's a big plastic bag in the car or else the whole car will stink of prawns and fish.

Getting all the stuff back into the house was another issue. I'm never gonna shop on Mondays.

*The usual plastic bag cost 20 sen for one. I'm not going to spend my money on plastic bags. Call me stingy... I'm not the only one*

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Anonymous said...

haha now its not only Monday
it has extended two more days which is Tuesday and Wednesday