Thursday, January 14, 2010


How do you handle a fast-growing teenager? Rule the house with an iron fist and put your foot down in everything? Let them make their on choices, if they made the right decisions - rejoice with them, wrong decisions - blame yourself for being a softy.

When you're too strict - rebellion kicks in
When you're too relax - they step all over you
Be moderate - full lengthy discussion... well, it works... great kid I have who can differentiate between what is 'a must have' and 'don't have, won't die'.

Is there a book "Idiots Guide to Guiding a Teenager"?

The other one, I haven't finish my sentence, she already blabbed half the world... why do teenagers think they know it all when in fact, they know next to nothing? So, I kept quiet and let her blab blab blab blab and I enjoy my home-cooked food... simply delicious. When she's done, I either ask her a question that I know she has no answers to or I rest in my room and let them have the whole house. Sigh...

The other two sleep away the whole afternoon due to tiredness... I have never encourage napping in the afternoon... a total waste of time. How much homework and reading can be done within the 4 hours of sleep... not nap. No point waking them up... groggy and floating in the air.. and I'll be talking to the wall and looking at long papaya faces which tasted worse than the bitter gourds.

I think I need a book "Idiots Guide to Raising 4 Teenagers"..

Choices of food... I don't eat this.. I don't eat that... I rule the kitchen... I cook what, you eat! I don't repeat dishes so fair enough, they have great food every day and I don't purposely cook what they don't eat.

So far, so good. No disciplinary problems in school... well-mannered... all going to church with me on Saturdays - they in Youth Celebration, me in adult session... I feel like going back to the Youth Celebration. I sound old...

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