Friday, July 05, 2013

#6 Snorkel: Pulau Redang...

I totally have no idea the distance that we have covered just by snorkeling. The bay at the Redang that's be designated for snorkeling activities was quite shallow. But of course it wasn't as shallow as compared to Coral Bay. There were lots of fishes swimming around. The corals were... well... corals... after looking at corals in different areas for hours, I think I got numb of it. Some of them still got me excited but then... it's just another coral, same colour, same type but different place...
Ahhh... more fishy... more corals... more fishy... Okay, I have to admit, I got kinda bored already. No squid? Or any other aquatic organisms? But of course, the fishes got me excited when they came swimming by a large number... a swarm of fishes?
The fish seemed to have a leader leading them. Where are they all going anyway?
A school of fish
There's a huge stone with colourful.... mussels? I don't know what they are... told ya my vocabulary to describe aquatic animals almost come to zero.

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