Friday, July 05, 2013

Welcome to Pulau Redang...

Yes, we did island hopping this time round. We were in Redang Island, arrived by a twin engine speedboat with the best guide ever~! God reserved the best for us, that I have to say... all glory goes to my Lord. The jetty in Redang island was slightly different. The walkway was made of rubber floats and since the sun was shining brightly, it was an afternoon sun, so we couldn't walk barefooted. I always prefer to be barefooted.
We had our simple lunch at the beach. Had a great time but Juju and I couldn't wait to get ourselves back into the water. The guide asked us to rest for awhile first after the earlier snorkel at Long Island. Hahahaha... he didn't know us... we're both made of steel when it comes to playing. Aahhh... look at that small little island formed. The whole place was and is awesomely beautiful. How do you explain how beautiful a place is? I think I was speechless looking at the blue sky and blue sea and everything blue. 
There's a squirrel running around. I didn't take the photos because at that time, Juju and I plus my nephew, we were all in the water already, doing our little exploration. Gracie and Judz were having a relaxing time at the beach before going down again. 
Hey, we did some crazy stuff there, snapping photos but the camera was not really in the right position. So it came out, not so nice... but the people in the photos are fantastic people... muahahhahaa... Wanna see more photos? Go to Redang to experience it for yourself. But please don't go alone... you'll go nuts being all alone... you must go with wacko people... then'll you'll be absolutely normal among the wackos.

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