Monday, October 28, 2013

#10 Snorkel: Pulau Serenggeh... A MUST GO SITE~!

A cave... dare you go in there... watch Sanctum... hehehhe....
When I say it's a place that you must go... then you must make it a point to go. If you don't you're gonna miss out on a lot of fun. We sent the three Singaporean boys down to check out the place first. But cut the crap... since it's our last destination, we should check out the place whether it's nice or not. 
We swam towards the other side since that's what the guide told us. Our guide was one brilliant guy, worthy to be trusted... so we went to towards the direction that he pointed us to. We saw a cave... was that a cave? It was a hole between the rocks. 
The rocks with the many colourful oysters were simply beautiful. There were lots and lots of clown fish dashing about in and out of the anemone. It's just too bad that I never know how to dive down to get nearer to those beautiful creatures down under. We spent a long time around that area until we were totally drained. I have been sleeping very early but my own battery lever was as much as what my camera's battery could hold. 
I love the sea, but not the saltiness and I dislike sandy beach. Don't like sand at all... whatever is it... my Lord, the creator of the universe has all sorts of beautiful creatures that I think to learn about them, it will take me another century. 
That's Nemo alright... we put the fella back into it's sanctuary after snapping photos of it... 

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