Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oh My Ass~!

Let me share with you a story that allows you to peep a little into my childhood. I have had a bicycle when I was around 9 years old. I couldn't ride a bike and I never have a four-wheeler. Don't remember having one. All of a sudden mi mama bought me a bike just like the one in the cartoon illustration. So, how can a person learn how to ride a bike without starting from basic? I don't know... I don't seem to have a basic in anything I just jumped into it. I wanted a bicycle badly and I got it. For some time, the cement floor outside my house was my best friend. My knees loved them, even my elbows wanted a piece of the concrete ground. But at the end of the day, I was cycling happily around the neighbourhood and I love the wind blowing in my face.

That's how I learn ice-skating and in-line skating and my skateboard is still around until today. You have to take a fall once in awhile in your life and then spring back up. Life, if treated too carefully, there wouldn't be any fun in it and we only live once. I'm not asking you to jump in front of a moving train, come on... don't misquote me. 

The best time when I was cycling wasn't with the other kids from different blocks of flats. It was with my mix-breed dog, a mix between Spitz and Pomeranian, with lion-like head. I love that doggie to bits so I took him for a ride around the badminton court outside my house and we were having a great time until I went off balance and all three went flying - me, my poor doggie and the bicycle. Someone was screaming, not me, not the dog and definitely not the bicycle... DU--UH~! It was the Malay auntie upstairs who always kept an eye on us. I have lovely neighbours and they're still around right until now. So, after that mighty fall and the flying off, poor me picked up the doggie and then we went back up again and I started cycling again, chasing after the wind and the doggie has its tongue hanging out.
Oh... there's something funny that happened as well during one of the Chinese New Year celebrations. It is funny now but at that point of time, it ain't funny at all. Me and the doggie were afraid of firecrackers and there was once when it sounded like the whole neighbourhood was burning down the entire city, me and doggie literally jumped off the bicycle, left it there in the open and went running and screaming like mad back into the house. I couldn't remember who went to rescue the bicycle. Hahahaha.... dang~! Such awesome memory I have kept in my memory bank... but I surely missed my doggie, we named him Bobby. I slept with the dog and shared food with the dog and licked an ice-cream together so nothing surprising if you see me smothering my rabbits now with kisses. I kiss animals... 
I've been thinking about getting a bicycle to cycle around in front of the house. It was just a passing statement that I made randomly once in awhile. Then I just forget about what I said but I do want a bicycle coz the first one that I had, the last I cycled was when I was 11 years old and I gave the bicycle away because it has been sitting in the house, collecting dust and making friends with the cobwebs. I was totally thrilled to see the bicycle but it couldn't beat the thrill I had when my kitchen angel bought me a big flan tin. It's just two totally different kinda stuff. I love kitchen stuff and this is a bicycle. 

I was thinking of weird stuff like what if I fall off the ground and this time round it wouldn't be cemented floor... it would be the rough tar road outside. I have to prepare myself mentally coz' the older you get, you can't stand to fall down, it would be a very bad one and I have slipped disc, so once in awhile the back would hurt  until I can't stand, can't sit and can't sleep. I always need to prepare myself mentally before doing anything so the next morning, I got up and I went off cycling. That was the best feeling ever... my hubby said cycling is a skill... once you have it, you will never lose it, just need some brushing up. 
My ass really felt like it's gonna crack and split into I don't know how many sections and I told my hubby no bed activities until the pain go off. There's a bicycle shop for professionals just a road away from my house, we went there and the lady said since I have not been cycling for donkey years, the pain would be there for at least a month until the ass has adjusted itself comfortably to the uncomfortable seat. Can't the bicycle manufacturers come out with nicer, more comfortable saddles? It's harder than the horse saddle. So looks like cycling as a hobby needs a lot of gadgets as well... diving needs its own gadgets and I'm not one who will stick to one hobby. I change all the time... let's not think about anything for now coz the ass really hurt like crazy~!

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