Monday, October 28, 2013

Escaping with the Hubby...

We didn't go to the Escape Park to do monkey business la... so late already... We went to watch Escape Plan. Thank God we didn't live a mile away from the mall. It was just a few minutes' drive without heavy traffic and we managed to get two good seats for the 7:30pm show. I think I can't stand watching midnite movie now... I fall asleep no matter how loud the movie was. 

Escape Plan was really good with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Why didn't put Bruce Willis together... all in... oh... maybe won't have enough important roles then. Brilliant story line, not as mainstreamed and predictable. The setting of the whole event was fabulous... prison right in the belly of a ship and the traitor was the partner himself. I like this kinda movie with unpredictable plot except that obviously Stallone would escape from the prison as written in the title. Too bad Javed didn't make it. 

So that's it. We're one boring couple. No candlelight dinner because we have no interest in fine dining. Nothing much to do except to enjoy a movie together.Walked around the mall aimlessly. I don't fancy hitting the malls anymore... kinda boring to me. It's the time spent together that counts.. Love spending time just the two of us with no one else tagging along. Or else you can see me going out with a truckload of humans following... but sometimes I do like going out with my truckload humans... there's a time for everything.

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