Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Mek Mek Year~!

It's the time of the year where you eat and eat and eat. Then, after resting for awhile, you have nothing much to do, then you find yourself munching on the goodies, opening the tin container and the plastic container. Even if it's not so delicious, you still munch on them because finally you realize that munching becomes a habitual response. You just need to munch on something and you find much joy munching. If the goodies are delicious, you don't munch, you swallow them straight. Then, finally, you're back at the dining table, having another round of solid meal.Then, it's chatting away and asking the same question repeatedly to different people. Or maybe you're asking the same question to the same person just that you don't remember talking to that person as you were too busy with your food. It's all about eating. Now with Facebook, the camera eats first and the social media was fed with so much food. If Facebook is a human, Facebook would have died of overeating long time ago.

The bombing has finally stopped over here. I'm okay with the red firecrackers until someone find it funny to burn the crackers which sounded more like we have been bombed. If seriously we've been bombed, we would just sit in the house thinking which smart person started playing with firecrackers again.

The only plan I have for this year is to clean up the house which I have not done so and then play with my new toy...
That's mi mama and my toy. We're love this new toy of ours. Singer: Heavy Duty. My next toy in future would be the embroidery machine. I have a complete kitchen now it's time to sew. Heheheheh then I don't have to buy a piece of clothing each month. I can sew whatever I want. I hope I have that kinda talent.
I intend to wake up early one of these mornings to go and wait for sunrise. But I saw this from my room window, can I put a tick on sunrise and consider that it's a done deal? 

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