Monday, February 02, 2015

My 4th Birthday Celebration 2015: Tsuruya....

On the real day, after having such having lunch of seafood feast, I was in a dilemma whether to call up Tsuruya to cancel our booking or not. I was seriously not hungry and by the time it was 8p.m. I was still undecided whether to go or not. In the end, we went. 
You see why food photography is very important here. The moment I flip through the menu, I was hungry already. Thank God for the right timing or else we might only call for one dish and walked out since all four of us were not hungry.
That didn't taste like cheese in the bread. The white part tasted more like fish paste. I have no idea how was it done.
My all time favourite rice pockets~!! I really like this but too bad the stomach couldn't store so much of this. The sushi rice has been done perfectly so even if it looks like an easy dish to prepare by just wrapping the cooked sushi rice with bean curd sheets with pockets, it wasn't easy at all. I have never tried handling sushi rice. I'm still considering whether to start trying out Japanese food for real or not.
When you have fallen in love with one restaurant and vow to go back there every month, you would be tempted to make a comparison to see how good both of these restaurants are. Actually, both have their own specialties and both have their downsides as well. The fried rice needed in Tsuruya needed much adjustment. It was trailing too far behind compared to the fried rice prepared by the little red raccoon. 
I'm not going to make any sushi comparisons as I have no liking for any normal looking sushi. I will only do this in Tsuruya. I order the same thing whenever I'm there. I always order my favourite sushi rice pockets above, then got this sushi with salmon on top and shrimps inside. If it's lunch time, I walked in, removed my shoes and plopped my arse on the same cushion then called for my teriyaki chicken set. So, roughly I'm a boring eater in Tsuruya. I know what I want without having to read the menu. But this time round we tried something else. 
This is not Japanese style. This is a Korean dish. The small fish being deep-fried and then dipped with the sweet chilli sauce. It was so good that I was getting a little worried here. When hubby and I desperately wanted something, we started sourcing out food right to the supplier. If we get to grab a hold of this little white fish, we will definitely do this on our own. Hubby is good in deep-frying so shouldn't be a problem. If not I can come to the rescue. Unless we couldn't find the supplier for this special small fish, we will continue to go back to Tsuruya and continue to be the regular customers, ordering the same food that we like over and over again.
Takoyaki. The first experience of having takoyaki, the whole ball was filled with chopped up cabbage. You know I dislike crunchy vegetables in my food and the cabbage was so crunchy I gave up on takoyaki. But thankfully this takoyaki was done in a superb way. No crunchy vegetables of sort. I don't know what's inside of eat after chewing two of that.
Finally, the ice-cream was asked to come out from the kitchen. Only the birthday girl can get free one scoop of ice-cream but I asked whether all of us could have ice-cream. The waiter who served us shook his head, indicating a no... but in the end he came out with a whole tray of ice-cream. They're all on the house. Thank you for blessing us. The waiter said the owner of the restaurant saw no harm in blessing us with ice-creams. Thank you for not being calculative.

So, I've finally found two places that I could go to in time when laziness strikes. When I'm lazy, I refused to do anything. I'll go to Tsuruya as a boring customer but for Nippon YataiMura, it will be a different style altogether. I like the way the chef whipped up something that's not in the menu. I enjoy that kinda surprises once in awhile. I think that's how hubby felt whenever he comes back from school and seeing his lunch being set on the table, waiting to be eaten. 

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