Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day~!

... We do not celebrate Valentine's Day... 
... but hubby romantically stole a meaningful picture with the correct quotes and nailed it on my virtual wall... I have always wished that my hubby is of one of those characters walking out of Hollywood, a sweet fake romantic... but I have forgotten that I'm a one boring person myself.

Whoever wrote that ought to be given an award... what a mess I can be... how moody I can get... and I am one very difficult person to handle.. and he never walk away from me. If for others, I think they would have gone long long time ago. 

My term of romantic at this age is very simple. Gimme soft-boiled eggs on toast~!!! Don't spoil the texture of the egg. It should be just nice... not solid hard on the yolk and not too transparent runny for the white. That's all I want. 

We no longer hang out at the cinema. I prefer rolling around on my couch in my pyjamas and at the same time I dig for gold ingots right from my nostrils as I wish. I can even forget to bathe for two days in a row and it's forever summer over here. 

Hopeless romantic will be me lying on the bed with a book in hand while he snores away. I'm happy just like that. Or just gimme time to look through my unfinished uploading of photos. 

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