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My 2nd Birthday Celebration: Sarkies E&O

 ~ When moments are shared, memories are made ~
That's the saying of E&O Residence's advert. I'm not that smart to come out with any new old sayings. We made our way to Sarkies for its buffet dinner. The international spread was... ahem... ahem... ahem... 
The moment I left the bag and started walking around with a camera instead of an empty plate, at first I thought those freshwater prawns lying on the ice cubes were meant for decoration because the plate beside the mussels was empty. One thing I notice, dining in buffet style needs swiftness. Your hands need to be quick to grab. I thought I'm in a renown restaurant by E&O so I need not rush over and grab like an uncivilized human? If you're not quick enough, the plates turned empty and they were slow to refill. Isn't that a tactic to refill slowly? I'm very civilized that day so I did not demand for a immediate refill when I see a plate empty. I walked away and entertained myself, I allowed my camera to have a great feast first.
My camera had a great laugh at that. The chicken held a wedding reception in the sea, that's why it's called chicken seawed. Mushroom soup was invited to witness the sea wedding. Those bread sticks were not invited so they stayed in the basket.... huhuhuhu....
I tried the whole stretch of economy food first. The simplest is the hardest to prepare. I give the kitchen crew of Sarkies two thumbs up for their whole stretch of economical dishes. Eh, if I was uncivilized that night, I would have carted the whole fish to my table and had that whole fish for myself. Why don't want to cut the fish? The spoon couldn't even cut the fish meat properly. I thought I might see a piece of fish flying and landed on someone's clothes. Very dangerous. Or I might accidentally make the spicy fish curry splatter all over my face.
Sometimes dining in a place is not completely about the food. For example, I know I will always go back to Victoria Station even though I know how to prepare my own lobster dish. I'll go back to Victoria Station because we're always served by the manager himself. He has very good PR. He does his job best so I'll go there until the day he stops working. Definitely one day if I find him no longer working, I will stop going as well. For Tsuruya in i-Avenue, I'm there because of the same reason. Of course the food is good according to my taste buds, but more importantly is the service. We're served by the same person and the table seemed like it belonged to us. Then, for Nippon YataiMura in Queensbay it's definitely because of the professionalism of the chef to cater to my difficult taste buds. You know I read in a few food blogs about Nippon Yataimura just out of curiousity, and almost everyone wrote badly about the restaurant. Some just ordered a dish or two but they could come out with the conclusion that 'there was nothing to shout about' and 'the taste was no good'. I was upset reading those unjust comments. You know bad writing can kill off a business. I know I am capable of doing that also but one shouldn't just give a blanket comment using terrible English with horrible grammatical errors just to bulldoze a restaurant and at the same time portrayed such shallow thinking about oneself. One man's meat is another's poison so if one has to say everything bad about a restaurant, just keep it to self. I read so many food blogs and when I went there, the food was great instead of all the bad postings. But those bloggers who were invited by restaurateurs always write the nice comments and create an ambiance that do not exist. We had that experience as well.
Ask and it shall be given... The other table brought out their own birthday cake and started singing the birthday song. I did not have any mandatory birthday cake this year so we asked from the staff. Is that the manager? I have no idea. He said he would bring a cake over. He kept to his words. The cake came. And we made him the photographer for the night until he got scared and ran away.
The cousie was one funny person that night. She kept asking me to take the small cake home. But Gracie didn't hear her when she said that and she did the right thing. Gracie cut the cake into such tiny size and I took the first bite. The cake was so good, it was extremely good. It was so good until I had no idea whether it's supposed to be jelly, sponge or cheesecake. I had a feeling it was a mixture of everything. Upon seeing my facial expression, all started attacking the very small cake. I have extremely good facial expressions. Can be read directly. The cake was gone in a few minutes. Hah~! I should have brought back the cake like how the cousie suggested then I could have the cake all to myself. Maybe next time when I have nothing better to do, I would go over to Sarkies and buy the cake. I wonder whether it's for sale or not. That complimentary cake on the house was the best of all. About the buffet dinner.... I think I'll be banned from dining out very soon.... ahem... ahemm.... ahemmm.....
I had a great time eating those freshwater prawns. Remove the shells, pile the shells up like a pyramid and take a small plate of shoyu. I can eat this whole night if only they refill it fast enough. I came out from a cave and I have never eaten freshwater prawns before. Forgive me next time you see me in any hotels having buffet, I will wallop the shellfish like nobody's business. Cave woman does not know how to pick shellfish from the river. So, cave woman would grab all shell fish but I left three prawns in the plate for those behind me. Yeah, I jumped queue because I calculated that if I would to follow the line from the punch bowl, to the salad stretch, by the time I reach the prawns it would be gone. My hubby made better punch and I have no interest in salad so why not just go straight to the point :D
The food is not that important anymore. The company is of utmost importance. I do not want to be surrounded by thousands of people. I just want to be with a few people who are important to me. If there's no humans left, I would rather sit around with my rabbits. If there's a doggie, I would spend my time talking to the doggie. So, this was the part where the photographer for the night ran away after snapping a few pics for us.
Oh, well... he ran away and came back with the cake. And he went back to become photographer again. Then, we left the food for awhile and did what we know best. Photos and more photos....
The person who enjoyed the food most goes to her. The food wasn't that bad... the service was wonderful and again, I'm not a food blogger. I'm just a picky eater. *slurp slurp slurp* The jellyfish on the salad stretch was to die for. Seriously, you should go for the whole row of economical food. If I had the stomach space, I would take a bowl of rice and started piling up on the fried fish with sweet and sour gravy, the lamb was extremely good and I think there's beef also?
I'm more into photo-snapping. Not a professional, never will be. You need passion for that. Currently, I don't know what I am passionate about.
Oh, I learnt something from removing off so many freshwater prawn shells. You know you have to remove the head first? There's a Malay proverb... 'otak udang'... heard of that? Otak udang means stupid, idiot. A stupid person is called a person with 'otak udang'. I never question where these proverbs came from. Finally, I know why 'otak udang' means stupid. After a twist, the head came off and the head was totally empty. It's void of anything solid. No wonder 'otak udang' means stupid. The prawn literally has no brain. The brain must have leaked out after being steamed or blanched. 
I hope we were not the last to leave? The mess we left on the table. Of course the waiter and waitress came to clear our table every time they saw empty plates or we would have to put those plates on the floor. We left when Sarkies was about to lock its doors.
I wonder how to take a photo of yourself what that infinity mirror? Was the mirror placed too high up? I needed to tiptoe but in the end I removed my shoes and climbed up the cushion seat. Yeah, talk about monkeying around. 
Who threw my shoes away? I can sit anywhere. I wonder why some people refuse to sit on the floor?
No tripod also can take group photo~! Make use of the unoccupied counter top. I was quite surprise that my arse was completely flat. No arse.... where has the arse gone to? Flat arse like flat screen TV.... *haish* My driver fetched me here but on the way home, I fetched my driver home using my driver's car. Driver snored already on the way back. Fantastic driver I have..
I forget to mention that... the tuna sashimi was the real deal. You know you read about your brain growing with worms because of eating raw seafood? I don't know why I was not put off with that. I seriously love sashimi with shoyu. The tuna sashimi was so fresh I think our table could eat half of the whole tuna... if only we have that.... if only we have that.... hhhhmmmm....

Thank you all for the love and company~! *muacks*

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