Friday, March 13, 2015

Day 9: Along Jade Mountain Scenic Highway...

~ 22nd March 2014 ~
After being upset for not being able to view the sunrise, the van driver took us to view the thousand year old tree. On the way down the hill slope, the view became more beautiful because the sun has risen and it's obviously brighter then when we were going uphill.

We stopped somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I had no idea where we were and it's quite funny how other passengers were so eager to stop and take a look at the monkeys walking along the highway. I was not keen to look at the monkeys as I can always go to the Botanic Gardens and jump around like a monkey myself. Since we were just standing there and not doing anything, I entertained myself with my camera.
The other passengers kept on saying that those Formosan Rock Monkeys were adorable. Excuse me, which part of the monkeys were adorable? They're plain scary. They looked fierce and that baby monkey has those eerie stares.  After going through at least 10 pieces of monkey photos, I dare to conclude that they are scary indeed. They are evil and definitely not adorable. After the rest of the passengers have enough of monkeys, we went back to the van. 
The van driver may be in a rush but since he realized that I'm an avid snap shot crazy, he decided to let us down at one of the scenic highway bends. The view of the sea clouds were better from the two earlier spots.
How could you resist this? If there's a bench by the roadside, we will be there sitting and not going anywhere. Just looking at those thick moving clouds, I do not have the proper adjective to explain how it really feels. It's just like you're looking at something in awe.
I like this mountainous view with the fluffy moving clouds. It's the best view compared to Taipei, looking at buildings and more buildings. In the end, I have no regrets having to wake up so early.
Finally, we came to that thousand year old tree. Just snap a pic or two as prove that we were there. Dunno what's the hoohah that it's a must to visit this tree. How do you really know that the tree is really a thousand years' old? The walk down was okay with the wooden steps but the walk back up to the main road was a killer one. I detest walking on steps after going to Taiwan.
The tree got the best view of all. The thousand years old tree was looking out at the sea of clouds every day. So jealous of that tree. No need to wake up early. *yawn*

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