Wednesday, March 04, 2015

♩ ♫ ♬ Glory to God in the Highest~! ♩ ♫ ♬

There's a story behind every success and failure. My girl did not do so well when she was in primary school. None of us pressure her to do well. We only want her to learn what she has to learn. When she came to know Jesus, we asked her to do everything unto Jesus, not for us or anybody else. She changed drastically. She studied without me having to nag at her. She only asked me to take her to Popular Bookstore and a month before PMR when she was in Form 3, we bought until there's no more books to buy. She finished every book that was on the shelf of the bookstore.

Again, I did not expect her to get straight A's. I still remember her class teacher who asked me to send her for Bahasa Melayu tuition under the her own tutelage. She said that if I don't send her then she will never get A. I gave the teacher the biggest smile and said we would see how it goes about. Inside me, I was boiling hot and about to erupt like a volcano. As a school teacher, if you are so good, you shouldn't promote your tuition, you should just teach in class and let them score. Why want me to send her for extra tuition just to get straight A's? So, I related to her what the class teacher said and she told me she's not going for any extra tuition, she would manage somehow.

Anyway who says that God will only help those who help themselves? I beg to differ. Do you think those who didn't do well did not bury themselves in books and more books? They did~! So, that's not how God works. 

Hubby build up her spiritual life while I try my best to give her a home like others, someone to take her wherever she needs to go, I'm a full time chauffeur and cook, hubby is her maid to do everything else. Then, the big boost in her spiritual life came from a prophet by the name of Paul Ang. He advised her to put God first, to honour God.

To cut the long story short, that simple advice was drilled into her head. During the examination, there were two conferences from really excellent men of God. One was that by Julius Suubi and another was none other than prophet Paul Ang. My girl did mention that by attending, she would miss the few days of not revising. 

In actual fact, two months before SPM, she told me that she wanted to let everything go and just gave up on her studies. I'm a little bit hard on this area but I did the most unbelievable thing. I agreed with her to let go. That must be the most magical agreement that I have ever made with her. She's stress-free except for the stress that she gave herself. I just told her that if fail then let it be. Both of us felt nothing about taking this result. With or without A's doesn't matter. What matter most is her walk with God. I don't want her to be so educated that she has no manners and she doesn't know the living God.  

Just the previous night she dreamed that I took her result and informed her in a monotone that she only got 2 A's. So, on the way to school, she asked me not to have any high hopes. Actually, I don't have anything in mind. We were even discussing whether who should look at the result first. Her PMR result was collected by me as she was away for Youth Camp. In the end, we both read the result and screamed like mad hyenas. Stopped to take a breather to read properly then screamed again. We're just like drama queens including the teacher who gave us the result slip. 

What I learn all these years having her:

  1. As a parent or guardian, we can plan the best plan for their lives, but in the end they are the ones living their lives, never live your life through theirs. If you never have the chance to pursue your dream, do it now while you're still breathing. Never force them to be who you wanted to be many decades ago.
  2. That result slip is just a piece of printed paper. By tomorrow, nobody cares at all.
  3. If they can't be an achiever, let them be who they want to be. You can just be a guide to them, that's all. Whoever says only those from first class can have a good future? And who is the wise person who says that the children should either be a doctor, accountant, lawyer or engineer only then they are considered as successful? Do you know that a char koay teow hawker can earn cash everyday better than a surgeon if the char koay teow is really in demand??? 
  4. There's no guidebook on how to raise a child.
In conclusion, I don't know what I've been doing. It's tough and tedious so don't ask me to have my own children, I'm not up to going through the cycle anymore. Totally not up for this anymore. I'm happy that she's all grown-up and yes, she still need our guidance. We're not letting her have her own wings completely. A bird that flies sky high still need a place to rest. Oh, I'm not saying that all should follow our style, just writing what I experience.


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